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Ascoli Piceno

The Hotel International in San Benedetto del Tronto is located about 30km from the beautiful town of Ascoli Piceno. The Hotel International is, therefore, a perfect base for day trips or business appointments in Ascoli Piceno, with the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the variety of services and entertainment that the city of San Benedetto offers, even when it is not the tourist season .

“A walk in the streets of the old town of Ascoli is like randomly browsing an art history book and having the luck to meet the most representative and expressive illustrations of the various periods of Italian art."

This is how Jean Paul Sartre described his own wandering in the streets of old Ascoli, considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the Marche region and one of the most beautiful in Italy, due to the thousands of pieces of historical evidence left at every corner. It is an ancient city founded by the Piceni, a population descending from the Sabines. According to tradition, they came to the Piceno between the sixth and seventh centuries B.C., led by a woodpecker, a bird sacred to Mars. Built in a strategic position, on a rocky spur at the confluence of the rivers Tronto and Castellano, it was a Roman colony (286 BC), and retains the medieval urban traces, along with countless Renaissance monuments, squares, churches and bell towers.

The swimming pool

An alternative space to the sea, which is large, safe and comfortable.

The beach

A beach equipped for the ultimate relaxation in front of the hotel

San Benedetto

The Queen of the Riviera delle Palme, central hotspot of regional toursim